Project Detail

Product Description :

We manufacture and export plastic processing machinery like Plastic Extruder, Twin Screw Extruder, PVC Pipe Plant, Pipe Extruder, HDPE Pipe Plant, Recycling machine, Plastic Reprocessing Plant, Co-Rotating Extruder, Drip Irrigation, Compounding Extruder, Pipe Machinery, PVC Casing Caping Machinery, Plastic Profile Machinery, LLDPE Pipe Plant and all kinds of Extrusion Machinery and Plastic Machinery.

Production of Basic Technical Indication

Product Range :

Diameter 12mm 16mm 20mm
Wall Thickness (mm)   0.5 - 0.9   0.5 -1.2 0.5-1.2
Wall Thickness Tolerance +/- 0.05 +/- 0.05 +/-0.05

Production Line Technique Index for ROUND DRIP PIPE

Line Speed 18 - 60 mts / min
Cylindrical drippers maximum transmission speed selection 150 mts/min
Emitter Spacing 20 cms above set arbitrary ( variable pitch setting )
Tractor Speed 4 - 80 mts/min
Drilling Speed 90/min
Line Length 20 mts
Line Width 3 m
Rated Power 65 Kw

Salient Features of Round Inline Drip Pipe Extrusion Line

  • Maximum line speed of 45 mts / min for 600 mm dripper spacing.
  • Complete line is controlled by PLC 10.3" touch panel.
  • Dripper insertion is controlled by high precision servo motor.
  • Dripper is automatically screened centrifugally before insertion.
  • Vaccum tank is of stainless steel 6 mts long.
  • Drilling is by pneumatic rotary drill.
  • Haul off is equipped with pneumatic cylinders to accommodate the dripper inside the pipe while passing through it.
  • Haul off is controlled by two geared motors of 1.1 KW each for the perfect synchronization between two belts.
  • Two station winder with separate torque motor is provided which is perfectly synchronized with the line speed of the machine.