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PVC compounding machines for right mixing of additives with polymers

HPMC, PVC Compounding Extruder is a variant of extrusion machinery that is used and is being employed for mixing one or more polymers with additives to extrude plastic compounds with better product quality and result. The PVC compounding extruder machine that is fed with pellets, powder, and liquids, mostly, produce pellet. The produced pellet is therefore used in varying plastic-forming processes such as extrusion and injection molding. As a PVC compound manufacturer and supplier, HPMC manufactures PVC compounding machines in varying ranges and capacities and model sizes.
Made from high-grade steel HPMC PVC compounding line brings and provides for the maximum output. Our PVC compounding array presents optimum performance during the compounding process. Our range of PVC compounding machines includes Compounding lines, PVC compounding line, and industrial compounding lines. A brief summary to different ranges of PVC compounding machines and their implications has been provided below under the following heads:


Our PVC compounds are used in different industrial applications because of their superior performance, physical properties and special characteristics. A brief description of applications of our PVC products in different applications include.

1. Medical Applications

In medical industry, PVC compounds are used for manufacturing of flanges for Copper-T, oxygen mask, IV- Tubes, regulators, blood bags, urine bags, glucose bags, disposable tubes and more.

2. Foods &. Packaging Application

In food and packaging applications, PVC compounds can be used to produce bottles, blister packaging films, crown caps, PVC compounds are widely used in industry to manufacture appliance components, boxes, connectors, office equipment, tapes, cable insulation, sheathing, flame retardant sheathing, flame retardant - low smoke sheathing, high temperature cable applications, non migratory sheathing, welding cables, and more


3. Industrial Application

The various industrial applications in which PVC compounds are used include Petrol tubes, profiles, co-extrusion strap, hoses for fuel & oils, gaskets, sleeves, door & window profiles and sliding, H-band, fitting, lip seals, co-extrusion spiral hoses and all tailor made applications, etc.

4. Building & Construction

In building and construction industry, PVC compounds can be used in window profile, weather stripping, conduit pipes,, window frames, pipes, and more.

5. Consumer &. Institutional

PVC compounds are also widely used in the production of - toys, novelties, bookbinding, footwear, garden hose pipe, handbags, luggage, shoe sole, etc .

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