Single Screw Plant For PPR Pipe

Product Description:

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Advantages of PPR Pipe

  • PPR-C stands for Poly Propylene Random Co Polymer. It is a water supply pipe used in construction. It is an internationally approved, high quality, environmentally friendly and energy saving pipe
  • It is lightweight : Density is 0.89-0.92g / CM3, only i.e. 1 / 9 of steel pipe, therefore easy to transport and install
  • Fine anti-heat performance : It is resistant to extreme heat/ cold and will not deform or give in between - 200 C and +950 environmental temperatures
  • Good anti- corrosion property: It is resistant to corrosion and does not rust, decay or erode
  • Low heat conduction factor : Heat conduction is 0.23-0.24W/ mk at 200C. It is much lower than that of galvanized steel pipe
  • It endures heat and high climatic temperatures. It reserves its original form, flexibility, and chemical properties at high temperatures.
  • Firm pipe fittings connection: Because polypropylene has fine thermal casting performance. Thermal casting between the pipe and pipe fittings with the same material as an integration, it can prevent water from leaking
  • Reasonable price: The price of PPR pipe is near to that of galvanized pipe. The adhesion is very simple and easy by isotherm welding. Adhesion is firm and will not affect the inner diameter. In the three-layer PPR pipe, the inner layer is anti-bacterial and the outer layer is a UV (ultraviolet) rays resistant layer. It can be safely used for a duration of a minimum of 50 years. It is resistant to long-term hot water transmission and under normal environmental conditions, enduring operational heat 700 -950. It does not absorb water, therefore may be safely used in hot temperature and humid climates

Technical Specifications

MODEL(Grove Feed Type) HPMC 60 HPMC 75 HPMC 90
  Pipe Range (mm)    16 - 63   16 - 110   63 - 160
  Capacity (kg/hr)     90   125   160
  Main Motor (kw)     37   55   75
  Haulling Speed (max. m/min)     2 - 8   2 - 8   2 - 8
  Vaccum Tank    
  Pump Drive ( KW)     2.2   3.7   3.7 & 2.2
  Length ( Mtrs)      6   6   6
  Water Tank    
  Pump Drive (kw)   3.7   3.7   3.7
  Length ( mtrs)   -   6   6+6
  Total Power (kw)   80   105   140
  Line length (m)     30   38   50

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