Vented Recycling Plant

Product Code : HPMC-SSE-04

Product Description:

HPMC's Vented Type Extruders are specifically designed for Degassing or Devolatilizalion purposes, thus adding to the functional capabilityof polymers.

Materials that can be processed from this plant :

With many years of design, manufacturing experience and adoptingi nternational advanced technology, our company has developed different series of extrudero n the basisof accepting the users' suggestions. The special high-efficiency venting screws are selected for this series of machine, which has excellent venting performance, and good plasticization.It is suitable for PP, LD, HD, PE, HIPS, PS, ABS,PMMA, PC, PA and all types of engineering plastic.It is especially suttable for processing the reclaimed material so as to reduce the cost of product greatly

When melted, many polymers emit vapors and gases which must be removed to prevent bubbles in the product. This can be accomplished in several ways- pre drying often is not sufficient and venting during extrusionis a great solution.The screw is designed from maximum efficiency and maximum mixing in conveying of the material with negligible heat.It is used for degassing of moisture and volatile through vent.

Technical Specifications

Model Production (kg/hr) Diameter of Screw Main Motor (kw) Heating Load(kw) Hydraulic Screen Changer(Inch/HP) L/D RatioHeating Zone Rotating Speed
Extruder 90 80-100 90 22.5 15 8/3 33:1 6 50-70
Extruder 100 125-150 100 30 18 8/3 33:1 7 50-70
Extruder 110 150-175/200-225 110 37/55 22 8/3 33:1 10 50-70
Extruder 120 200-220/250-300 120 55/75 32 10/5 30:1 10 50-70
Extruder 150 400-500 150 110 40 10/5 30:1 14 50-70
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