Technical support for running extrusion machineries to maximum output

HPMC plastic is merely is not an extrusion machinery and PVC pipe plants manufacturer but a solution provider that utilize its knowledge and expertise in extrusion technology to provide its customer’s best services and machinery on requirement. Our response and adherence to our business values and ethics is not restricted merely sale of extrusion machinery and PVC pipe plant, however, is backed by a well responsive technical team supporting after sales activities.

A qualified HPMC engineer provides training in usage and maintenance of extrusion machinery manufactured and supplied by us including range of products like PVC pipe plant, extruder machine, pipe extruder, reprocessing plant, recycling machine, HDPE Pipe Plant, Twin Screw Extruder Plant, compounding, co-rotating extruder, drip irrigation pipe plant and reprocessing machine.

HPMC technical support staff and engineers provide the ablest guidance to the customers to determine process criteria and suggest the most appropriate extrusion solutions fitting to the operational requirements. Our technical support staff is technically accomplished and always ready to facilitate technical assistance and consultation on equipment specification, operations and maintenance. We also offer onsite technical support.

We appreciate a maintenance agreement with our clients on mutual guidelines so our support engineers visit your vicinity for an overall inspection of the equipment and suggest best solution to any issues raised with operation of any of the extrusion machinery or PVC pipe plants, etc. HPMC technical support overall brings process improvement and raised levels of process efficiency.

Our technical experts are always ready to assist customers on specific problems related to machinery operation and maintenance. Our field technicians are just a call away and are quite capable to attend to any urgent requirement for service.

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  • Project planning
  • Installation and commissioning
  • Plant operation
  • Routine maintenance
  • Manpower support
  • User training
  • Spare parts
  • Manuals

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