Pet Washing Plant

Product Description :

We manufacture and export plastic processing machinery like Plastic Extruder, Twin Screw Extruder, PVC Pipe Plant, Pipe Extruder, HDPE Pipe Plant, Recycling machine, Plastic Reprocessing Plant, Co-Rotating Extruder, Drip Irrigation, Compounding Extruder, Pipe Machinery, PVC Casing Caping Machinery, Plastic Profile Machinery, LLDPE Pipe Plant and all kinds of Extrusion Machinery and Plastic Machinery.

Specification details of each device

  • Horizontal transporting belt with magnetic collector
  • Conveying belt
  • Label separator and pre-washing machine
  • Conveying belt (two sets)
  • Crusher (water-flashing) (two sets)
  • Feeding screw under crusher (two sets)
  • No.1 Rising washer
  • Feeding screw (two sets)
  • Agitating washer (two sets)
  • Feeding screw (two sets)
  • Horizontal frication washer
  • No.2 Rising washer
  • No.3 Rising Washer
  • Dehydrating machine
  • Vibrating sieve
  • Pump conveying system
  • Hopper
  • Paper (label) separating
  • Control Cabinet

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